We endeavor to be the most distinctive property management specialists in South Carolina, and we are committed to exemplifying the highest standards of professionalism and integrity in our industry--while serving our clients.

We offer each client the benefits of our abilities and knowledge, following years in the property management field. To ensure we offer a vast array of expertise, we strive to enhance our contributions by surrounding ourselves with an array of industry professionals. In so doing, we bring a wealth of skill and enhance our ability to generate innovative ideas, so as to meet the goals of our clients—to maintain and enhance the value of their assets.

AdaLease Property Management, Inc. provides extensive property management services. We believe that communication is essential in order for the owner/management relationship to succeed. We conduct our business in such a way that every possible effort is extended on your behalf to ensure that your property proves to be a profitable investment.


Your property will be presented to the marketplace through a variety of advertising methods, which will include web advertising and other various print advertising avenues deemed essential in the promotion of your property—and as you the owner see fit to incur the cost of. Drive-by traffic will be capitalized upon by utilizing posted signage on the property—if permitted by any applicable homeowners association.

Resident Screening & Leasing

We carefully screen potential renters before entering into a rental agreement on your behalf. This process includes verifying credit, employment, income, and rental and/or mortgage history. Additional screening may include, at the owner’s discretion, a 45 state Department of Corrections criminal background check.


We closely supervise the maintenance of your property to ensure your investment is being maintained properly. Should maintenance issues arise, they will be handled by our professional in-house staff or a licensed vendor—at the owner’s discretion and expense


We will provide monthly statements presenting all profit and expenditure transactions related to your investment. 

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